Making weekend trips into day trips

I’ve been thinking about the many times I’ve wanted to go somewhere on the weekend, but didn’t because it would take the entire weekend to drive there and back.  I love places like the coast and sailing, horse racing and air races.  However, after working all week, the only time I have to get things done around the house is on the weekend and I’ve often found myself wishing I had more time and that some of those places weren’t so far away.  I think many other people are undoubtedly wishing the same thing right now.

Well, the future has arrived because there is a flying car!  It sure sounds like the answer to the problem, because with one of those, you could fly to the desired destination, spend some hours enjoying it and get back home all in the same day.  For example, the 5 hour drive to the coast from here is reduced to 1 hour in a Switchblade.  There’s another benefit also, because many people have family members who live a long drive away and now they can visit them more often.

Having a flying car makes for a win-win situation, so I want a Switchblade!

–  Marcia Winborne-Graven

Photo by Larry Moore

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