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The drives are going straight and my putting is really good.  My local course is always challenging but I feel the need to elevate the challenge.  Within a 200 mile radius are numerous PGA quality courses and ones that are unique and require different skills.

For example, in Ruidosa, New Mexico there are five golf courses I really enjoy. But I seldom play them due to the two hour drive each way. In my flying car, I could fly there in 45 minutes and drive the last 10 minutes to any of those courses.  And there’s plenty of room for my golf clubs right behind the seats.

At the earliest possible opportunity I plan to jump into my Switchblade and test my golfing skills as well as getting in a little flying. Many courses have municipal airstrips close by and the time spent for travel will be greatly reduced.  A great flight, a great golf course and a great meal all in one day! What could possibly be better……..unless you play multiple courses and stay multiple days.

And it will always be climaxed with an easy, short flight home.  Just a thought: how about Switchblade owners meeting at a specific course for a Switchblade tourney….anything  is possible now!

-Jerry Clark

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  1. James Mauch says:

    Great idea, Jerry! After years of telling myself I don’t have time for golf, I’m just taking up the game. I like 9 holes when I’m having fun and it fits my schedule. But in reading your blog, I imagined playing three 9 hole courses in a day with my Switchblade. That sounds like fun!

    The Switchblade tourney is another great idea. I’m also sure owners can think of other pursuits that can be better enjoyed with a Switchblade. Fishing tourneys come to mind! The possibilities of the Switchblade!

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