How much money would you save by parking your plane in your garage?

Depending on where you live in the world, storing your aircraft can vary greatly in price. In some places, renting a hangar is a very expensive proposition.

Recently, at AirVenture, in Oshkosh Wisconsin – the world’s largest aviation celebration – I spoke to some pilots regarding aviation expenses in their country. Now, I had already heard of people in the San Francisco CA area paying $1,000/month to house their small plane. That is about 5x what the average hangar rental price is in Central Oregon. But I was shocked when some pilots from Portugal told me they typically pay the equivalent of $60 USD/day to tie down their plane at a local airport or $1,800/month for a hangar. That’s $21,600 per year – just to hangar a small aircraft. Then on top of that you’ve got fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.

What if you had a flying car that easily fit in your garage? As an example, in driving mode, the Samson Switchblade is a little over 16 ft. long and 6 ft. wide at the widest point. This is slightly longer than a Toyota Camry but the same dimension in width. With a Switchblade, the wings swing in and are fully contained beneath clamshell doors in the belly of the vehicle. The tail retracts and folds up against the rear of the body, out of harms way.

I spoke with one pilot from Canada who currently pays $600/month for a hangar. When he realized how much could save, he concluded that when it came time to buy his flying sports car, he would either pay cash or simply get a loan and make $600/month payments.

Having no hangar fees is only one of several cost savings one gains with a flying car. Automobile gas (which the Switchblade uses) can be 40-100% less expensive than aviation gas. In some European countries, aviation gas sells for $10/gallon (translated into USD). Then of course, with a flying car you don’t need to deal with rental cars, which can cost hundreds of dollars for even a few days. With a flying car you have your car and your plane with you at all times.

Additionally, you save time, eliminating the hassle of having someone drive you to the airport and pick you up, or driving yourself and finding a safe place to park your car. Of course these aren’t the only reasons you might want a flying sports car – but they are worthy of note.

– Martha Hall Bousfield

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  1. Parker May says:

    In northern Virginai, we pay $400 per month. That could all be used for gas. I have an old hanger with heavy doors, so by the time I get he doors open and the plane out, I and really hot in the summer, wet in the rain, or cold in the winter.

    When you have your plane at home, you can simply get gas on the way to the airport. While you are pumping, under a covered pump you can call in a flight plan or grab a doughnut! That’s a lot better than calling for a fuel truck and waiting in the weather for it to arrive.

    Between the cost of the aircraft, fuel cost savings, and hanger space the Switchblade pays for itself. And you never need a rental car. Light plane air travel will be so so convenient with no need to arrange ground transportation. Cross country touring will be as easy as a road trip and twice as fast. All those small airports out there will become useful transportation hubs.

    The SB pays for itself and you can go anywhere. Its a game changer.

    Parker May

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