WARNING: Flying Cars May be Addictive

I keep finding new ways to use my Switchblade, and in spite of my efforts to resist, it’s become a habit.

To be honest, I don’t have to fly up to Northern California to see my kids for the weekend.  However, I know that I can because a flying car makes it easy. So easy that I know now, the darned things are addictive.  I don’t have to take my wife to her favorite restaurant over on the coast.  But, it’s hard to fight the urge to say yes when it’s so convenient.  I also don’t have to go enjoy the best spring skiing around – wherever in the Northwest it happens to be.  Pretty tempting though.

What am I going to do the next time my friend says, “Man, I just scored two tickets to the game and there’s no way to get there before the game starts!”  I guess I could close my eyes and say to myself “No! I do not have a flying car that could get us there in time!”, but then I know differently, don’t I?  I guess I could try to be happy and content to stay at home, even if it ended up being the best game of the season. I could do that….but I’d rather not.

I think this is one addiction that I don’t mind having.

–  Martin Swift

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  1. deliajcolvin says:

    So agree! I keep thinking if I just had my Switchblade the location of my favorite restaurant, my favorite service providers and where my family lives is no longer an issue. Love it!

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  2. james mauch says:

    As you point out, Martin, there are certain addictions that are good for us. I especially like addictions to great technology that makes our lives easier and enables us to create stronger connections with our family and friends.

    I too have kids in different parts of the country and I think of my Switchblade each time I want to fly in to see them on short notice. I would fly the 2 hours just to have lunch with my daughter in Chicago. And maybe stop and see friends in Indianapolis on the way back. Or a pick up golf game with a childhood friend in Nashville on a Saturday morning.

    It appears that we’ll be busy with the important matters of life once we have our Switchblades.

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