I wonder if there are any trout down there?

I fly in my business. From Northern California to Central Oregon is a 9 hour drive or a 3 hour flight.  I choose the flight, as it saves time.

You see things from up above:  towns, valleys, trout streams!  There’s this one stream, out in the middle of nowhere.  I’ve flown over it a dozen times.  Each time I think to myself, “I wonder if there are any trout down there?” It looks very promising, and I just have a good feeling about it.  Fisherman’s hunch.

So now trout season has opened, and I’m packing my fly fishing gear.  I’ve found an airport about 7 miles from that stream.  It’s just a dirt strip but after landing my Switchblade I should be at the stream in about 15 minutes.  This time my business is trout fishing and my flying car is taking me there!

–  Sam Bousfield

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  1. james mauch says:

    As I read your story, Sam, it reminded my of the many favorite spots I’ve flown over and wondered what’s down there. Fly to explore with the Switchblade and drive to explore with the Switchblade. Can’t wait!

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