The option to fly or drive home

How many times have you been really up against the wall – wanting to get home for something special but not knowing how you can possibly pull it off?  Despite all your good planning, it looks like you are going to be hopelessly late or maybe miss the family party or celebration entirely.  You are stuck without options.

It’s my husband’s and my anniversary.  We’ve both been working long hours but have planned a quiet, romantic celebration at home – just the two of us.  The kids are already at our neighbor’s house for an overnight.  I ran a bit late in a meeting and am now hopelessly stuck in Friday rush-hour traffic.  @?/*!#% ?!

But wait – rewind! Enter – my Ferrari Red flying car!  I never even had to get into that traffic in the first place because my meeting was a 20 minute drive from a regional airport and I just drove over, prepared my Switchblade for flight, and flew to the airport closest to home – arriving at the house before my husband did. No problem!

Bottom line is, I like having options.  I hate being stuck without them – or without a way to solve whatever problem I’m facing.  Having the option to fly or drive home is going to make my life a lot easier. In fact, it’s going to be a whole new world.

–  Virginia Hall

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  1. jeffwoiton says:

    Another option it makes available is working in the city but living where housing is cheaper. If this works out to be about the same cost as driving owning and maintaining a car or commuting by train, we may have a game changer here.

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  2. Marcia Winborne says:

    So nice to have that option!

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