Time Compression in New Mexico

Organ Mountains at Sunrise

We live in the southern part of New Mexico.  New Mexico is a large state to explore by car (425 miles long by 400 miles wide).  To any corner of the state it is a full days journey by a fast car.  There are 18 historic ruins and parks managed by the National Park Service, as well as 6 national forests.  To explore all would take a lifetime; yet the flying car has just made each of these historic places available in a one day visiting trip.  The vistas available now from a “skyview” will allow us to target our trips and land within 30 miles of any destination point.  My grandkids will love it!

Time compression is a wonderful thing.  If we can use our time more productively we can learn, work, visit, and enjoy the nature of our environment.

-Jerry Clark

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  1. Marcia Winborne-Graven says:

    I didn’t know there were so many interesting places in New Mexico. That state deserves another visit!

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  2. James Mauch says:

    I learned to fly in powered aircraft in Rodeo, NM, at Amigos Del Cielo Airport (NM90). It is in the high desert surrounded by mountains. As you fly over that prehistoric valley, you see old volcanic craters and imagine when the dinosaurs roamed.

    That kind of flying – drive to your destination and fly or fly to your destination and drive – is now open to everyone with the Switchblade.

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