Welcome to the Future

With the advent of flying cars, travel is likely to be forever changed. No longer limited by travel in one dimension, people can drive where they want, and fly where they want, seamlessly and with ease. We will be able to go places we didn’t have the time for before, and find places right in our own backyard that we didn’t even know existed. There are many aspects to flying car travel, which we will be exploring  in this blog.  We hope you explore them along with us, and share in the journey into the future.

The future is often described as a scary place, and of course, it could be. But a future with a flying car would be quite a bit less scary to me! In fact, it might just give people the idea that the future isn’t that bad after all, and that we might have actually arrived into a future that is more like a renaissance. A time when ideas aimed at benefiting mankind as a whole are being produced and introduced at a rapid pace. That is the future my friends and I would like to see, and we hope your future is that way.

In any event, I encourage you to enjoy our thoughts, and share your own. The future is, after all, what we make it.

-Sam Bousfield

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  1. ziaspace2016 says:

    We live in an era of amazing innovations. The last 30 years have seen the internet, wifi, cell phones and effortless communication appear develop and become common place. These innovations caused disruption in the telephone world which then disrupted shopping habits, taxation and many other arenas that had been commonplace for the previous years. Well we, have two choices either come along with the progress, revert to pre-progress times or embrace this future. Our shopping, communicating, and living methods will now never be the same. We either refuse, or embrace, or be drug along kicking and screaming. Most of us fall in one or all of these categories.

    The paradigm of the “flying car” is one of those innovations! Others have tried various designs with some level of success; but what would happen if a new design came along that really worked? Would it be a “disruptive innovation”? Let’s consider the changes to your lifestyle or the lifestyle of a current aircraft owner:

    1–You would be able to fly relatively easily. Attaining the pilot’s license being the major hurdle; but once accomplished ANY travel could be with this unique vehicle. The club of “airmen and women” would be far less exclusive.

    2–The cost of operation would no longer include a costly hangar or aviation gasoline.

    3–Insuring one would be insuring both land and air when the insurance companies realize the “flying car” is here.

    4–Instead of buying the sports of your dreams…your sports car on the road would provide the thrill of aviation. The “club of aviators” would be expanded exponentially. Consider an idea that every rest stop on the interstate had a 2000′ asphalt strip for the flying car. Consider ideas that you have never thought before just because of the capability offered!

    5–Disruptive innovation! I think so!

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  2. Parker May says:

    The concept of flying cars is what made me want become a pilot. With a well designed flying car you can truly go any where door to door. The Switchblade looks like the right design. I’ve watched its development with great interest. It’s fast, sleek, and compact. It fits in a standard garage, with room to spare. I can’t wait until mine is ready for delivery.

    Pilots are no longer limited by the need for ground transportation. Rental cars, taxis, Uber, and beat up crew cars are a thing of the past. A flying car is a FREEDOM MACHINE.

    There is no need to coordinate flights with ground transportation. Just fly to an airport, swing in the wings, and drive off to your final destination. Going to your beach place, flying over traffic, is a breeze. You can pick up groceries on the final mile drive. Skip all the traffic, get there faster, enjoy the flight, and relax.

    It’s easy to drive off most airports because security is designed to keep bad guys out not in. You can drive up to most gates, from the inside, and they open automatically. So you can land after normal hours and leave the airport, without getting out of your Switchblade. Forget Terminals, FBOs, and calling for fuel trucks. You are “on the go” to any where you desire. Forgot something…just stop at the store. Change of plans…no worries. Bad weather…just sit it out in a restaurant or movie.

    The freedom machine will let you decide where you want to stop for the evening. You can drive directly to any lodging you wish. Save the careful planning for your flight.

    Can the Switchblade change transportation forever? Only until we have Star Trek “Transporters”. I’m not waiting for those.

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